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The unique way to experience Siena and San Gimignano through the Tuscan countryside

Posted by GLflorence on May 24, 2018

Have you ever been to Siena? Don’t you know the tradition of “Palio”, the horse race famous in all Italy? Are you curious about the secrets of Tuscan wine and its tasty products?

All you can do is to let yourself be seduced by the union of culture, history, nature and food and wine. All in one day.

Join our tour to live a unique experience and explore the more authentic Tuscan corners like a local.

We leave from Florence by coach, with a professional tour leader who will stay with us all day long, and who will tell us a lot of interesting details and anecdotes about the places we will visit.

We pass from the countryside, that we can admire from the windows of the coach: the quietness of the scenery will open the paradise gates. Some photos will immortalize the magnificent of the Chianti area that in any case, we will always bring with us.

San Gimignano is our first stop, the medieval village located nearby Siena, renowned for the several towers built in the Middle Ages and still standing.

In the free time we have there we can choose to explore the village like a “sportsman” and climb to the top of Torre Grossa, the highest tower of San Gimignano, to admire the breathtaking view from 54 meters high.

If we prefer a relaxing way of exploration we can visit the Cathedral and the Archeological Museum or just pace through the medieval lanes.


After the first stop, we set off for Siena, one of the most important cities in Tuscany, renowned for the tradition of “Palio”, the horse race which takes place in Piazza del Campo in July and August. Here we will pass most of the time and actually it is worth it!

During our free time, we wander around the alleys, absorbed in a suggestive medieval atmosphere, searching for the best place to have a sit and enjoy a perfect Tuscan meal.

A full belly is the best way to start our guided visit with our local guide: she will be able to let us play a blast from the past. Walking through the heart of Siena, we arrive to the Museum of Contrada whose secrets and anecdotes will amuse us and it will be difficult to get them out of our minds.

The tour continues till we arrive at the Cathedral: the guide will describe how it should have been and she will show us how it looks like right now by taking us inside.

We will visit the interior, step by step, by giving greater importance to the floor, one of the most beautiful and unique ever seen, famous thanks to the technique called “graffiti”, from the Italian world “graffiare”, which means “to scratch”.

Libreria Piccolomini is where our guided visit ends, and there couldn’t be a better place: we will be captivated by the splendor of the bright colors of the frescoes telling Pope Pio II’s ten stories.


The strain is beginning to show, so it is time to go relax in Monteriggioni, our next little stop, where we can enjoy a good ice cream by admiring the wonderful view.


Few steps from Monteriggioni, our trusted wine farm is waiting for us, ready to welcome us and delight our senses.

We have a sit all together, meanwhile, our wine tasting starts: we will be told all the secrets of wine, how it is made, the differences between the several types, how to taste and enjoy the different flavors and perfumes. To accompany the four different wines we will have also some typical products, like Olive oil, truffle cheese, and balsamic vinegar. The perfect marriage of tastes that will let us fly with our imagination.

This is the last stop of our beautiful journey, the fitting end to a perfect day that we will carry forever in our heart, looking forward to live it again.


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