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Get in touch with the real Tuscan cooking customs in Florence!

Posted by GLflorence on September 17, 2018

Welcome to Tuscany!

You have just arrived, or perhaps you are about to arrive, in a region of Italy in which secular traditions survive and continue to be part of the daily life of those who live in this fantastic territory.
Today we talk about the Tuscan Typical Cuisine, a particular aspect linked to the wonderful and fascinating stories and traditions of this region. Many times you may have heard of the famous Italian cuisine, known throughout the world for its genuineness and its authentic flavors.


What has always characterized the Tuscan cuisine, is its simplicity and its freshness. Two key words to understand the authentic Tuscany, which, through its wonderful landscapes and ancient borough, shows not only that it can be admired by enchanting the eye of those who see it, but also to offer those who live there - or are visiting - fresh and genuine products, often grown in their own orthots.

Simplicity is found in the combination of different ingredients, often cooked cold. For example, bread is widely used in recipes, see the Typical "Ribollita", and is paired very well as the typical one, in Tuscany, is "silly" (without salt).


Well, this said, to make you approach to the flavors of the typical Florentine and Tuscan cuisine, here you can find some examples of simple and delicious typical dishes to satisfy your palates!

What is great is that there is a very wide variety, so in one way or another, we reassure stomachs and palates because they will surely find what it is suited for them!

The "Pappa al Pomodoro": a typical dish also suitable for children!
PAPPA_AL_POMODORO_-_GIUSTA.jpgPappa al pomodoro is in itself a poor dish, like many other dishes of Tuscan cuisine because in the past - we talk about more difficult times - they were the way to satisfy the whole family with the few ingredients which they had. Those needed to make the “Pappa” are very simple: stale Tuscan bread, tomatoes, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil, these last two in abundance. As you can see, they are primary ingredients of Italian cuisine.

The "Peposo" BeefPeposo_di_Manzo-min.jpg

The "Peposo" beef is a typical Tuscan dish, and in Florence you will find the delicious ones !! When you are sitting at the table, undecided about what to ask to the waiter who is watching you waiting to know what you will choose, if you see this delicious dish written in the menu, choosing it you will not be wrong! In fact, his recipe is native to a small village outside Florence, Impruneta, which is just going in the direction of the Chianti area. Despite being a dish that in the past was cooked with less valuable meat, today is a real treat to try at least once if you are in Florence. The ingredients are not many: beef, Chianti wine, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and of course black pepper (hence the adjective "peposo"). But for this delight, what matters is the time and the cooking method: it must be very slow, so as to make the meat really tender and tasty.

"Cantucci" and "Vin Santo"

Finally, this is the perfect couple, it is the "Toscana Doc" way to end lunch or dinner. Vin Santo is produced using two different types of grapes: Trebbiano and Malvasia. The nature of his name is curious! There are two versions: the first one gives credit to a Franciscan friar who in 1348 treated the victims of the plague with the belief that this wine had miraculous properties, for this reason the name of "Santo" . The second tale claims that this name derives from a misunderstanding during the council of Florence in 1439, during which Giovanni Bessarione said: "This is the wine of Xantos!", Referring perhaps to a Greek wine originating in Santorini. The guests understood the word "Santo" and since then took the name of Vin Santo. However, whatever the truth, we advise you to try it, always accompanied by his Cantucci! The latter are indeed his perfect companions !! They are born as biscuits, initially very simple and then later with almonds. It is precisely in Prato that a confectioner developed the real recipe that later became the most classic and famous. The shop "Mattonella" is always there, in Prato (a few km from Florence), and is still frequented by locals and continues to produce the famous Cantucci.

If you come to Tuscany, our advice is to try at least one of these three real delights! In Florence, as well as typical restaurants and unique locations, you can enjoy fun and friendly cooking classes to taste delicious dishes and to learn how to make them with your own hands, to amaze your friends once back home!  By visiting Gray Line Florence Website, you will discover the best ways to get to know and experience Tuscany in its authenticity ... let yourself be "served"!

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